June 7, 2017
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Anniversary Celebration Weekend
June 24 - 25
  Dear Friend of the Shrine,  
            The 47th Anniversary celebration of Our Lady’s apparitions at Bayside is upon us, so we urge you to make your travel plans today (see info or links below) for what promises to be a memorable and grace-filled weekend. (The worry-free, very affordable Pilgrimage Package is an excellent option.)

          Our Lady says that all who have come in contact with the message from Heaven have been called by the Eternal Father, and She’s not speaking in parables.
          You and all the Bayside devotees throughout the world have been blessed like no other people, in that Heaven has lavished upon you the choicest jewels of the Kingdom—these powerful and enlightening messages of prophecy packed with wisdom, guidance, and heavenly consolation—with the commission that you bring these pearls of knowledge to your fellow man.
          This is a direct invitation from the King of kings to represent Him as disciples of the latter days!

          Think then how great is your obligation to return thanks to Jesus and Mary, which will be beautifully expressed by your presence at Our Lady’s 47th Anniversary. Think too of the extraordinary graces you’ll gain for yourself and your loved ones!
          A powerful blessing is given to all those who journey to the sacred grounds, from which the power of God emanates!

  Lights from Heaven  
  A spectacular photo taken on the holy grounds with Our Lady's statue in the center on May 25, 2017, the feast of the Ascension, by John Benevides, LOSM.
          Miraculously, three paths of light appear, descending from On High and representing the grace of God illuminating the faithful through His chosen instrument, Our Lady of the Roses.
            This holy site is truly a pit stop for all the latter-day champions who are running the race for God’s glory, and you are called to come partake of this grace, that you might be refreshed and recharged, and receive that spiritual shot-in-the-arm to propel you through another year, which promises to be intense.
          Already North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been threatening to nuke the United States. This is not to mention the increasing terror attacks of ISIS and the report by ex-Russian defense ministry spokesman Viktor Baranetz that Russia plans to plant ‘mole nukes’ off our coast to generate a disastrous tsunami.
          Jesus said, “Great elemental tragedies, disasters, man-made and God-sent upon mankind, shall increase.” (May 6, 1979) Without an immediate outpouring of prayer to Heaven, who is to say this won’t happen?
          Our Lady warns on April 14, 1973: “Should the prayers of atonement be discontinued on these sacred grounds, the Chastisement in earth time will be hastened. Prayer, atonement, sacrifice.”

          If there was ever a time to come to Bayside to pray for peace, protection, and the grace to get us through these difficult times, it is now! For as we read in the Bible, sometimes these blessings are only given when we make the effort to visit the holy shrines of God. (2 Paralipomenon 6:24,26)
          We can’t urge you enough to mark June 24-25 on your calendar and make that pilgrimage to Bayside, remembering that Our Lady and Our Lord are waiting to receive you with open arms.


          Jesus said on June 18, 1991: “We have made Our home upon these grounds. Therefore, all who come here to be solaced, I will be here. My Mother and I shall stay here even unto the conflagration.”
          Godspeed, and we'll see you at the
47th Anniversary.
                                 with Our Lady of the Roses,  
                                 The Lay Order of St. Michael  
  P.S. We kindly request your generous financial gifts at this time to help defray the escalating costs of this year’s Anniversary.  
  Worry-free, very affordable Pilgrimage Package
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