January 21, 2017
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The enormity of the sunday holy hour
for priests


As you know, at the request of Our Blessed Mother we have been holding for 47 years at Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers Shrine an outdoor Holy Hour for priests: the Pope, bishops and clergy
(10:30 - noon). The urgency and importance of this sacrificial prayer offering is magnified a thousand times in the face of a historic crossroads we have now reached.
If we take the wrong road, we are headed for a
full-scale disaster.
       It all centers on the Pope’s Apostolic Exhortation, Amoris Laetitia. Since its release last year, it has resulted in nothing but controversy and division among the hierarchy and faithful because it apparently allows for the divorced and remarried to receive Holy Communion, an extraordinary break with the constant teaching of the Church as reiterated by the Vicars of Christ down through the centuries.
       Last fall, four cardinals sent a formal letter to the Holy Father asking, respectfully and dutifully, for his clarification on Amoris. To date, the Pope has mysteriously ignored the good cardinals' solemn petition.

Enter the Sunday Holy Hour for priests.
And you and me.
       We have to implore the Eternal Father to jolt the heart of Pope Francis so that he make the right decision and take the right road in accord with Sacred Tradition.
       And there's no better or more powerful place to pray for this intention than on the holy grounds visited by Jesus and Mary for 47 years.
       It’s a game-changer.

On Saturday, Jan. 7, a snowstorm hit New York. That night, Michael Mangan, SMWA President, cleared the holy site.

With the help of John Benevides, Lay Order
of St. Michael (LOSM).

Ready for tomorrow morning's Holy Hour

Some of the 16 stout-hearted pilgrims that attended praying the Rosary in the bitter cold.

Penance for Pope Francis.
Impossible to attend? Unite with us
wherever you are!

The efficacy of the Shrine:
"Should the prayers of atonement be discontinued on these sacred grounds, the Chastisement in earth time will be hastened."
Our Lady, April 14, 1973

James Donohue LOSM is to the left of Our
Lady of the Roses.

The blessed rose petals scattered around Our Lady at the LOSM residence in Queens, New York.

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