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Our Lady's 39th Anniversary Rosary Vigil

Saturday, June 13, 2009   Our Lady of the Roses Shrine  7:30 p.m.


"Come to Me, all mothers who weep for their children. Come to Me and I will solace you. Understanding pours forth from My Mother's heart. Come, and I will place My mantle about you, and you will find great comfort with Me."

Our Lady, March 24, 1973


Michael greeting the over 550 pilgrims that came from across the globe. Here is his opening statement:

       Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

      Good evening and welcome to Our Lady of the Roses Shrine.

      My name is Michael Mangan, the President of St Michael’s World Apostolate. And on behalf of all the workers/guards of SMWA and the Lay Order of St. Michael, I want to wish each and every one, a very happy and grace-filled 39th Anniversary of Our Lady’s appearances here at Bayside under the powerful title of Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers.

      We want to thank you for your prayers, love and support and we recognize the extra effort it took for you to come to these sacred grounds, many who have traveled hundreds if not thousands of miles. We have pilgrims here tonight from India, Malaysia, Europe, Central and South America, Canada and of course, most of the states here in America are represented.

      We know that you come with grateful and longing hearts for all the magnificent graces you will receive this Anniversary weekend from the generous hands of Our Lady of the Roses.

      In this year of the priest, so designated by Pope Benedict XVI, we appreciate your sacrifice for the sanctification of the priesthood as well as your prayers for God’s blessing and peace upon this troubled world.

      Lastly, you may have noticed 6 gentlemen including myself wearing a green tie with the embroidered letters, LOSM. We are the Lay Order of St. Michael, a community of celibate men committed full-time, 24 / 7, to this Mission from Heaven. Our Lady stated in 1974 that “The Order of Michael will be established in the United States” and later told Veronica of the Cross, our beloved seer, that this illustrious order would emerge from our community and consist of priests, brothers, laity and even a Carmelite convent. We ask your prayers that this exciting prophecy be speedily fulfilled.

      In the meantime, may you have a very blessed and peaceful Vigil. And we hope you join us here again soon where Jesus said in 1991: “We have made our home upon these grounds.”

To hear this statement and the entire Vigil, including opening prayers, the Rosaries, a welcome address from SMWA President Michael Mangan, a brief audio segment from the May 28, 1977 Message from Jesus and Mary through Veronica of the Cross, the blessing from Jesus and Mary, litany of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, litany of St. Anthony of Padua, closing prayers, hymns, priestly blessing and a candlelight ceremony,  click here

Lay Order of St. Michael

Rosaries, medals and other sacramentals are available at our service area, which is directed by Peter Frank, LOSM.


The Message from Heaven, including Heaven Speaks Today and Your Letters, was available in the thousands for free as the pilgrims loaded up so they could evangelize their hometown. To receive all the latest news from the Bayside Mission at no cost, just fill out our form and you'll receive our mailings and regular eAlerts. Click here


"My child, We rejoice because of the great penance that many choose to perform for the salvation of souls."

Our Lady, Dec. 28, 1976


Photo by Teresa Valle

Priests offered the sacrament of penance.

Lining up for confession. "All who are in the pure spirit of the light will have nothing to fear. If you fall victim to satan, you must immediately run to receive a new store of grace from your pastor in confession and the receiving of My Son's Body. My children, you must concentrate now all on saving the souls of your children and those you love. There is not much time left."

Our Lady, Aug. 13, 1977

Phillip Harrington (r.) speaking with a pilgrim at the service area.

The infirm area: on September 30, 1980, Our Lord instructed Veronica to set up a special roped-off area for the sick and suffering. They would be the beneficiaries of outstanding graces at all Rosary Vigils. Numerous cures and conversions have been wrought, some of them massive, with doctors' statements and medical documentation providing authentication.

Darryl Bolisay, LOSM, leading the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary.

"My children, this is a time of great rejoicing in Heaven, for We have much to be thankful for, even in Our great sorrow of the time. Many have joined Us in Heaven to enter into the battle ahead, the battle against the forces of Antichrist."

Our Lady, Sept. 28, 1976


Mary and Marisa Consoli of Yardley, Penn. sang Fatima Ave; On This Day, O Beautiful Mother; and To Jesus' Heart all Burning.


Each Vigil at 9 p.m., during a solemn interval, the pilgrims kneel and raise their Rosary to Heaven invoking the powerful intercession of Jesus and Mary.


Photo by Peggy Dykes

A miraculous photo taken this evening.
Michael Bauer leading the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary.

"My children, you must pray now and do much penance. A great War is approaching mankind, a war in which nations shall vanish from the earth. There will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth."

Our Lady, Nov. 24, 1979

Many prayers of the holy Rosary rise at this center of atonement.

Bill Dykes, LOSM, examining a miraculous photo for Francisco Wence, a pilgrim from Buffalo, N.Y.


Send us your petition and it will be in our petition box for the next Rosary Vigil.


All roses are blessed by Jesus and Mary with the power of cure and conversion. They are passed out near the end of the Vigil (and Holy Hour) to the pilgrims who later press them in a book and laminate them on special cards (printed by SMWA) for distribution to all God's children, especially the ill and suffering. We receive many testimonials of the power of these mystical roses. For a free Rose Petal click here


One of the reasons we pray on the Sacred Grounds is for atonement. Our Lady has said on April 14, 1973 that, "Should the prayers of atonement be discontinued on these sacred grounds, the Chastisement in earth time will be hastened."


Catherine and Mary Rose Bauer of Cape Cod, Mass. sang Soul of My Savior and Ave Maria.

Michael Mangan making some final announcements.
The good Fathers impart their priestly blessing.

James Donohue (r.), Vigil Coordinator, leading the candlelight ceremony.


All the pilgrims raise candles to herald the 39th Anniversary of Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers, repeating the words:

Mary, Light of the World, pray for us
Our Lady of the Roses, pray for us
Mary, Help of Mothers, pray for us

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