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What is a victim Soul

Letter ACHOSEN SOUL who freely sacrifices oneself, one’s health, material goods, happiness, etc. as an offering to Divine justice for the sins of the world, for sinners, or for the benefit of the Church. Or as Our Lady has often said, these generous souls, after the example of the crucified Christ, are needed to “balance the scales.” In fact, this is the most sinful and wicked age ever (Our Lady, April 6, 1974).

This whole concept of victim is nothing new, but has been in practice since ancient times. The Jewish priests would make burnt offerings or prepare victims (animals) for sacrifice to God for expiation of sin (Lev. 16.27). However, this was a mere prefigurement of the ultimate Victim, Jesus Christ, Who of course, is the King of victim souls, the perfect and unblemished offering Who redeemed and restored fallen humanity to its original state of justice in which it was created.

Nevertheless, in the mysterious design of the Eternal Father, a certain reparation must still be made for sin so that our sufferings and trials may “fill up those things that are wanting of the sufferings of Christ” (Col. 1.24).

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