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Faces of the poor souls
Polaroid photo taken on Nov. 1, 1974, the eve of All Souls Day. Incredibly, human faces appear over Our Lady’s statue. Veronica of the Cross interpreted this and explained that the souls in purgatory came to beg for prayers and Masses in order to hasten their release. Our Lady stated, “Many will be here [in Purgatory]...unto the end of your world, only because there is no one who can make restitution to the Father for the offenses committed by these souls while they were upon earth. Yes, My child, there are many here who have no one to pray for them. They are helpless as they wait.... Just one kind thought, one memory can ease a part of their suffering. Many here have been forgotten by their own.... Use your time wisely.... You have, as you are still upon earth, a Heaven-given power to release your brothers and sisters. Pray for them; make sacrifices for them; release them. And when you do, their power will be great enough to bring you into the Kingdom” (May 22, 1974).

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